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Saturday, November 13, 2010

"Wild Strawberries"

51" x 63" Lap throw. Pattern is "Tilt-a-Whirl" using Moda's Strawberry Lemonade line (jelly roll & charms plus yardage).

This one turned out way cuter than I was afraid it might. I put this "kit" together for myself a couple of years ago and just decided to put it together this summer. I got scared of all those wild colors and put it aside more than once, but after all is said and done I kind of like it. My 5yo daughter LOVES it.

Friday, October 15, 2010

"Flag Day"

Small (28x28) wall hanging from a Connecting Threads kit.

I've had this cute kit for quite a while, but never got around to making it. I put it together as a thank you/hostess gift for a friend who put up with my rowdy crew for the better part of a week this summer. I'm not much for applique, but there wasn't TOO much of it with just the stars (used fusible & then machine-stitched). There's also a star quilted in the center red square.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"Whimsical Girls"

When I saw Moda's "Whimsy" line, I knew it just HAD to be made into a baby girl quilt! So I grabbed a few charm packs and did another disappearing 9-patch using the darker pink/red squares for the centers. It's backed with the green polka-dot fabric from the line (thought it would hide dirt better than some other choices, plus I LOVE polka dots) and long-arm quilted with crib hearts. There were several charms left over from the quilt, so I thought I'd make a "Mini Charmer" bag for Mommy too.

Monday, August 09, 2010

"Casual Sampler"

Cabbage Rose Quilting's 2009/2010 BoM. Just a simple set of blocks in fun, sunny colors/prints, so I thought that the denim sashing & border would suit. Backing will be the same lightweight denim.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lil Jack

This little 5" cutie is from Happy Hollow Designs "Pumpkin Spice Espresso Goblin Kit." These kits come in a paper coffee cup, complete with sipper lid. Too Cute.

I have their big jack o' lantern pattern and thought I'd do this little one to try working with the fusible quick grid that the patterns are based on. It's pretty easy to work with, but I did have a little trouble getting those corners & points turned - guess I need to snip the corners a bit more when I do the big one.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Using Up "Orphan Blocks"

I've been trying to tackle my scraps and beat them back into submission before they completely take over my sewing room. So far I have sorted all the smaller scraps into ziploc bags by color, except that several colors have enough that they won't fit into ziploc bags, but that's beside the point :-) I've been pretty good about sorting larger scraps/remnants/odd purchases into bins by color or bags by project, but the little scraps were getting way out of hand...

ANYWAY, while sorting the various and sundry bins, baskets and walmart sacks full of scraps, I came across several orphan blocks and decided to get busy.

This first one is a little 12"x18" doll quilt made from 1" squares. Way back when I made "Winds of the Seasons," I couldn't decide how I wanted to do the borders. One of the ideas I toyed with was these scrappy little sections of 3x9 random squares. I went another direction (much better!!) but never did anything with those odd border chunks until now. I just stitched them together en masse and did some super super simple quilting. I didn't have enough of any of the fabrics to do the binding, so in keeping with the extreme scrappiness of the quilt, made a scrappy pieced binding.This next little doll quilt is a whopping 15x15. I'm not even sure where this block came from - it's not one of mine. It must have been in a box of random fabrics that I got either came from hand-me-downs, a garage sale or freecycle. The world may never know. When I was sorting all those fabric scraps, my little helper saw this block & decided she needed a quilt for "Big Dog" - one of her fave stuffed animals (bet you'll never guess what kind of animal it is- LOL). So I grabbed a scrap of muslin, a leftover bit of batting and some random binding from another project and Big Dog now has a quilt!

Getting Caught Up

I'm finally all caught up on my BOM's in progress. All the blocks from the 2009/2010 Cabbage Rose BOM are complete and ready to put into some sort of simple setting - I'm thinking denim blues for sashing & borders?

And here are the first four blocks of this year's BOM. These are 14"blocks, and looks like they'll all be variations on Bear's Paw blocks. I've never worked with 1800's style reproduction fabrics before - lots of neat browns & blues (and one really weird orange/brown wavy stripe)! At 14" this is going to be a large quilt...

Monday, April 12, 2010

Great Giveaways!

Kelly over at I Have a Notion is celebrating her blog and online store 1 year anniversary with some awesome giveaways, including an AccuQuilt GO! cutter, which I would LOVE to own. Talk about making quilting easier! So go check it out, and good luck.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Another Quilt Done...

A comfort quilt for a friend facing cancer treatments. I asked her her favorite color(s) and she said blues & greens. This is what I came up with.

My own design, very loosely based on an antique quilt I saw in a book. The scrappy 9-patch and HST blocks are basically the same, except for colors. In the book, the quilt had the HST's just in diagonal lines from one corner to the other. With the stark difference in my blue & green, I thought the "barn raising"-style setting looked better. My DH says this is about his favorite of all the quilts I've made so far...

Friday, March 26, 2010

I Love Easy Patterns!

I was lazy and sidetracked this year and never got around to making Miss Abby a new spring dress. Poor thing will have to settle for a new skirt. The pattern is "Little Charmer" by Indygo Junction, made with 2 charm packs from Moda's "Fig & Plum."

This little cutie went together super fast: started it mid-afternoon, made dinner, worked out & finished it up after dinner. It's supposed to have rick-rack along the horizontal seams, but I didn't think that would go too well with this fabric - so I did some simple decorative stitching instead (doesn't show up too well in the pic though). Sweet & feminine, don't ya think? Plus, there are enough charms left to make her a matching bag...

Sunday, February 07, 2010

New Cabbage Rose Block of the Month

Edited 02/13 to add: Sign ups have begun - $40 set up this time... but certainly still worth it!

Just a bit of news for those who follow my blog & have enjoyed seeing those fun BOM's from Cabbage Rose Quilting in Ft. Worth. They are gearing up for yet another one! Sign ups for the next "Saturday Mystery Block of the Month" will begin later this week, Feb 10 to be exact. I'm excited about this one because the 2 colorways they're offering are 30's repro and Civil War repro. I've been wanting to do a quilt in each of these styles - now I just have to decide which one! Coin flip?

The last 2 BOM's have been about $30 to start up and each month's block is FREE, as long as you remember to order it on the correct Saturday each month (usually the 2nd Sat, though I'm doing a 3rd Sat one right now); if you miss, the block will be $5, and has to be ordered before that Saturday the next month. It's a pretty cheap way to have a whole quilt worth of blocks, especially if you remember to get your block when it's free. Sometimes you might even get bonus blocks. At the end of the year, you can either buy their finishing kit or not. For the bright batik BOM, I got their kit; for the earth tone batik one, I opted not to.

If any of my readers decide to do one of these, please let me know! I'd love to have an online show-and-tell of the blocks and of our finished quilts.

Note: I'm only sharing this because I really like these projects - I do not receive anything from Cabbage Rose, and I have no connection with the store beyond an affinity for these BOM's... :-)

Monday, February 01, 2010

"Tossed Salad"

This little table runner was a special request by my mom as a thank you gift for a friend. Mom picked out the focus fabric and overall color scheme and I designed the rest, using the "Square-in-a-Square" ruler/technique. (BTW - this was my first time using the "Square-in-a-Square" - not sure how much I'll use that ruler... it's a real super time saver, BUT it uses tons of fabric & leaves loads of odd scraps, which could be avoided by more traditional techniques.)

The warm, Tuscan-feel fabrics are from South Sea Imports' "First Course" line and feature salads - our friend is known for her salads - and neat bottles of olive oils and such. I did simple in the ditch quilting following the "swirls" and some of the stripes in the borders with invisible thread (so no one could see where I messed up LOL). Hope she likes it!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cabbage Rose 2008 BOM - "Serenity Now!"

Yay! Another finished quilt top (will get it quilted ASAP).

The blocks are from the Cabbage Rose Quilting block of the month program from 2008-2009. They offer two colorways for each BOM - not a fan of Kaffe Fassett fabrics, so I went with the earth tone batiks option... very happy with the warm, yummy colors. I opted not to go with their finishing kit, but used a setting pattern they sent with the last block that just used dark & light batik FQ's plus a little yardage. I love the secondary pattern of the dark stars around some of the blocks.

Don't look too closely at the setting triangles/border or you'll see where I had to rebuild the fabric after I found out the hard way that my new sub-cut ruler is 6 inches wide... not 6 1/2 inches. Oops. I was already having a rough day at that point so the quilt will be named "Serenity Now!" in honor of the serene fabric colors and the extreme need for serenity I found while trying to recover from my cutting mishap.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cabbage Rose 2007 BOM

Fun with bright batiks. This was the 2007/2008 Block of the Month from Cabbage Rose Quilting in Ft. Worth, TX. I love the colors, and the simple black setting which allows the colors to really shine. The quilting is done in black as well.

I'm currently working on setting the 2008/2009 BOM blocks (earth-tone batiks, yum)... then I can start assembling the 2009/2010 blocks (can you tell I like the Cabbage Rose BOMs??)

Mini Charmer Totes

All of these little cuties were made using the pattern "Mini Charmer" from Quilts Illustrated. Each tote uses about half a Moda charm pack or one full Connecting Threads pack, plus 1/2 yd coordinating fabric. The twins are made from a single set of Moda's "Rouenneries" charms (one is my mom's and the other is, as of yet, homeless...) The next one is mine, and uses fabrics from Connecting Threads' "Sweet & Sour" line. Last is my daughter's bag, with fabric from CT's "Riviera" line.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

"Biscuits & Buttons"

This little table runner/centerpiece was a kit I found at a shop somewhere while travelling... It ended up being my travelling companion on several road trips, since I could easily work on it where ever I was - lots of handwork, that. Simple construction - buttons holding the folded squares, which are then tacked at the corners.

"Lily's Heart"

This sweet little quilt has lots of back story. A few years ago, a sweet quilty friend of mine gave me the Eleanor Burns book Still Stripping After 25 Years. Not too long after that, she was diagnosed with ALS, aka Lou Gehrig's disease, and as she has weakened physically (but never spiritually - truly an inspiration to me!!!), she has become unable to complete quilt projects she had previously planned to make, and decided to share those unfinished projects with friends and family. This is one of those projects.

She actually planned for the lap throw size of the "Love the Log Cabin Quilt," but I opted to make a baby quilt for a couple of very special friends who, after a difficult pregnancy & delivery, now have a BEAUTIFUL baby girl, named Lily. So this is "Lily's Heart" - named for that gorgeous little darlin', and in honor of my dear friend Mary.