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Sunday, February 07, 2010

New Cabbage Rose Block of the Month

Edited 02/13 to add: Sign ups have begun - $40 set up this time... but certainly still worth it!

Just a bit of news for those who follow my blog & have enjoyed seeing those fun BOM's from Cabbage Rose Quilting in Ft. Worth. They are gearing up for yet another one! Sign ups for the next "Saturday Mystery Block of the Month" will begin later this week, Feb 10 to be exact. I'm excited about this one because the 2 colorways they're offering are 30's repro and Civil War repro. I've been wanting to do a quilt in each of these styles - now I just have to decide which one! Coin flip?

The last 2 BOM's have been about $30 to start up and each month's block is FREE, as long as you remember to order it on the correct Saturday each month (usually the 2nd Sat, though I'm doing a 3rd Sat one right now); if you miss, the block will be $5, and has to be ordered before that Saturday the next month. It's a pretty cheap way to have a whole quilt worth of blocks, especially if you remember to get your block when it's free. Sometimes you might even get bonus blocks. At the end of the year, you can either buy their finishing kit or not. For the bright batik BOM, I got their kit; for the earth tone batik one, I opted not to.

If any of my readers decide to do one of these, please let me know! I'd love to have an online show-and-tell of the blocks and of our finished quilts.

Note: I'm only sharing this because I really like these projects - I do not receive anything from Cabbage Rose, and I have no connection with the store beyond an affinity for these BOM's... :-)

Monday, February 01, 2010

"Tossed Salad"

This little table runner was a special request by my mom as a thank you gift for a friend. Mom picked out the focus fabric and overall color scheme and I designed the rest, using the "Square-in-a-Square" ruler/technique. (BTW - this was my first time using the "Square-in-a-Square" - not sure how much I'll use that ruler... it's a real super time saver, BUT it uses tons of fabric & leaves loads of odd scraps, which could be avoided by more traditional techniques.)

The warm, Tuscan-feel fabrics are from South Sea Imports' "First Course" line and feature salads - our friend is known for her salads - and neat bottles of olive oils and such. I did simple in the ditch quilting following the "swirls" and some of the stripes in the borders with invisible thread (so no one could see where I messed up LOL). Hope she likes it!