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Sunday, January 17, 2010

"Lily's Heart"

This sweet little quilt has lots of back story. A few years ago, a sweet quilty friend of mine gave me the Eleanor Burns book Still Stripping After 25 Years. Not too long after that, she was diagnosed with ALS, aka Lou Gehrig's disease, and as she has weakened physically (but never spiritually - truly an inspiration to me!!!), she has become unable to complete quilt projects she had previously planned to make, and decided to share those unfinished projects with friends and family. This is one of those projects.

She actually planned for the lap throw size of the "Love the Log Cabin Quilt," but I opted to make a baby quilt for a couple of very special friends who, after a difficult pregnancy & delivery, now have a BEAUTIFUL baby girl, named Lily. So this is "Lily's Heart" - named for that gorgeous little darlin', and in honor of my dear friend Mary.


Merlin said...

Kathy, thank you for the story of my mother! She has weakened very much indeed, but not spiritually! Funnily enough, I have the same book you mentioned! I wonder if my mother bought two books? lol...

At any rate, I think it's beautiful, and such great honor to our friend from SW and my mother!

Grandma Mary said...

Oh, Kathy, you are too sweet. I am humbled by your kind words. The baby quilt is precious!

Yes, Mary Lynn, the book you have was mine. The copy Kathy has was a gift to her for being such a lovely hostess while Daddy was preaching a meeting there where Jack preached.