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Monday, December 04, 2006

Care Package

Today we sent our first package to the soldier we signed up to "sponsor." He is in the Army and currently serving in Iraq. One of the items he requested was a blanket-- here's what I whipped up quickly (I'll probably make him a quilt later, but wanted to get this first package shipped off ASAP). It folds up into a pocket sewn on one end (shown in second picture). I thought the stars and navy blue field were handsome and appropriate (hope he likes it too)

Here's a shot of everything we sent in the package. It ended up being a pretty good-sized box of stuff!

Let me take this chance to encourage my readers to support our troops in any way you can, whether it be sending care packages or letters directly to them overseas, participating in programs such as Quilts of Valor, which provides quilts to wounded soldiers in hospitals stateside, or simply remembering our fighting men and women in your prayers. When it comes down to it, it just doesn't matter how you feel politically or whatever about the war itself--we should be willing to support our fellow citizens who are risking life & limb in the service of our country. **exiting soapbox now**


Anonymous said...

My mom calls those kinds of blankets/quilts with pocket to fold blanket/quilt into, "Quillows" (Quilt Pillows). LOL! She has been wanting to make those for the grandkids, but has been so busy, that she can only do one thing at a time.

The "Quillow" you are making for the soldier is wonderful! You are to be commended for doing good things, Kathy!


TexasMomKJ said...

Normally I would have called this a quillow, too, but wasn't sure if it qualified since it's not a quilt...

Anonymous said...

We could call it "blillow"! (blanket/pillow) LOL!!

Eh.... I'd still call it a "quillow" for sentimental reasons... 9^D

Anonymous said...

Looks great Kathy! Thanks for the link! Give the kids hugs from Aunt Susan (and give you and Bubs hugs too!) Love Y'all!!

Anonymous said...

I love this blanket... my nephew Kevin is deploying to Iraq this coming week, so reading about your care package really touches my heart. We won't have an address for him for several weeks, until after Christmas, so we won't be able to send care packages to him right away... it breaks my heart to think of him so far away on Christmas, his very first Christmas ever away from our family (he's 21) and without us being able to send him anything. As soon as we have an address, I'll be mailing stuff weekly, at the least.

Do you do any "for pay" sewing like this? If so, I'd be interested in ordering one of these blankets from you, actually two, maybe more - Kevin's brother, Shaun, is deploying in June, so I know he'll need one as well, later on. Please stop by my blog if you are interested, or know someone who is... you can comment me there, or send me an email (there's a link there somewhere) - but I have to approve all comments before publishing, so that might be the quickest way to contact me (I check it daily these days).

God bless you for doing this!