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Saturday, February 09, 2008

QOV #3

Here is the unquilted top of my 3rd Quilt of Valor so far. (Will update when it's all quilted etc)

This quilt honestly has caused me no end of consternation, but I am pleased with the final result. It has been sewn, ripped, re-sewn, re-ripped, re-arranged and flipped around with the entire middle jettisoned (used to have a panel in the center!), re-re-sewn, ripped yet again to adjust length trying to do something cool with the borders, which I eventually gave up on ... and finally just finished. The zig-zag blocks (called "Delectable Mountains") at the top & bottom are from a block swap I did online. They're neat & really pretty, but a very odd size/shape which made them kind of hard to work with. I'll be using the rest of them in their own quilt so I won't have to worry about the weird size. Anyway... since those blocks were already scrappy, I went scrappy with my courthouse steps blocks. They each have the same flag print fabric at the center, then random strips for the red, blue & neutrals. I've never done courthouse steps before, but I love them & will certainly use them again. If you can't see, the whole quilt is framed by a narrow border of deep navy blue with tiny white stars. Overall, I think it's kind of a neat quilt. Hope its eventual recipient agrees!

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